$15 Family & Dog Portraits

Get a professional family or dog portrait by

Photos with Finesse

Your $15 sitting fee includes ONE digital image, which will be available in an online gallery within 1 week and will be perfect for using online, and in print.  

Portrait sessions will be quick (5-7 minutes) as we want to ensure that as many families as possible have the opportunity to take advantage of this amazing deal.  With that in mind, the intent will be to create 1 great portrait of your dog(s) and/or your family. We may be able to do additional poses if time permits, but only 1 digital file is included in your $15 session fee. Additional digital files and specialty print products will be available for purchase following the session.

Take a look at some of their great work! 

Portrait FAQ

Do I need to register in advance?
No.  All sittings are on a "First Come - First Served" basis. There will be a "sign up" sheet at each photo area to allow you to enjoy the marketplace, instead of waiting in line, until it's your turn for a photo.

Do I get to pick the images?

Yes. Images will be available in an online gallery within a week after the event, and you can select the image(s) included in your sitting fee, and purchase additional images if you choose.

I have two dogs, can I bring both of them?
You can definitely bring both dogs and we will try to get great individual shots of both of them and some of them together as well. There is always the possibility that they simply won’t cooperate in the few minutes that we have with them, so I can’t promise anything.

I have 3/4/5 dogs, can I bring all of them?
Sure, but keep in mind that each session is only 5 to 7 minutes. The more dogs we bring together the harder it will be to get them to cooperate and to make great images of each them separately and together.

You should decide in advance whether it is more important to have individual images or a great group shot, and we will start with that. You could also consider booking 2 time slots back to back.

Do we get the digital files?
Yes, you will receive 1 digital file with your $15 fee - additional files and a variety of prints and specialty products will be available at additional cost following the session.

Can I order prints?
There will be a wide variety of print sizes, specialty products, and digital files available after the session. These will be at a significant discount to our normal studio rates for 2 weeks following the session, after which they will go back up to our normal prices.

Can we be in the pictures with our dog(s)?
Yes, however, keep in mind that each session is only 5 - 7 minutes long.  If what you really need is a full portrait session for your family and pets, we are happy to book a session.  We have a variety of options available for pet photography sessions that can include your entire family. You can learn more about booking a dedicated Family Pet Portrait Session at www.photoswithfinesse.com .